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Reducing Inflammation And Swelling In Your Sacroiliac Joint

The Sacroiliac Joints (or SIJ) are formed by the connection of the sacrum and the right and left iliac bones. There are two of these joints in the lower back and sit on each side of the spine. They carry the weight of the upper body and help to stand, walk, or shift the weight to your legs. The pain caused by these joints can be dull or sharp and can move up.

The sacrum is a triangular-shaped bone located in the lower part of the spine below the lumbar spine. Sacroiliac joint pain is caused by Sacroiliac joint fusion in when the five vertebrae are fused together, rather than mobile like the rest of the spine and they do not move.

Sacroiliac joints.

Sacroiliac joint dysfunction is a common condition and affects about 15-30% of people that experience this kind of pain. The joints can become inflamed and the cartilage over the SI Joint can slowly begin to wear away with age.

There are many different complaints when it comes to SIJ pain including lower back pain, numbness, tingling, or weakness. You can also experience a feeling of leg instability, disturbed sleep patterns because of the pain, and pain when you go from a sitting position into a standing position. It can also affect the hip and groin area, as well as cause pelvis and buttock pain.

To help ease the pain of the SI Joint, you will need to reduce the swelling and inflammation. As well as taking anti-inflammatory medication, there are several several non-surgical treatments to do this including:

  • Use Ice and Heat Therapy: Never apply ice or heat directly to the skin. Heat therapy helps to increase the blood flow and applying ice works to reduce the swelling
  • Pain Medications (anti-inflammatory medication): NSAIDS and acetaminophen are over-the-counter medications that are effective at easing pain due to an inflamed or swollen SI Joint. Read the label and discuss with your doctor before using to find the correct prescribed amount
  • Avoid Certain Foods: Certain foods can lead to inflammation. Cutting down or eliminating these foods can stop overall swelling and inflammation in the body which in turn will help the SI Joint in the process. Incorporating olive oil, more nuts, more fish, and less red meat in the diet are all good at lowering cholesterol and reducing inflammation
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: You can learn techniques to help manage and cope with the pain associated with swollen or inflamed SI Joints
  • Steroid Injection or SI Joint Injection: The doctor can offer an SI joint injection which is an anti-inflammatory agent injected directly into the joint and patients can experience relief from the pain. The procedure can be done once every four months. When combined with a physical therapy program, the number of injections needed can be cut down and patients will learn how to manage the pain better
  • Stretching: It is always important to stretch your muscles and prepare your body before participating in any form of physical activity. It also helps to prevent any further injury or strain that can be placed on the body

If the pain continues to persist then taking a break from certain activities that can cause the inflammation is recommended. Common activities that can contribute to SI Joint pain include weightlifting, hiking, cycling, and other more extreme activities like martial arts and baseball.

Types Of SI Joint Problems

SI Joint can cause several signs and symptoms when manifesting including joint redness, swelling, tenderness, warmth, locking of the joint, stiffness, and weakness.

  • SI Joint Dysfunction: Can cause pain in the lower back and legs. It feels similar to sciatica pain or the pain that you can experience due to a lumbar disc herniation
  • SI Joint Syndrome: Hard to distinguish between other forms of lower back pain but can cause the pain to radiate to the lower back, buttock pain, thigh pain, and difficulty sitting for an extended amount of time
  • SI Joint Strain: Can be caused by a combination of vertical compression and rapid rotation. It can also occur due to an injury such as a fall
  • SI Joint Inflammation: One or both of the SI Joints can become inflamed, and the inflammation usually occurs due to wear and tear on the joints. It can also just be a symptom of another inflammatory condition

Other Treatment Options For SI Joints

Back Braces And Belts

Supports or braces are useful for this kind of pain because the brace can be wrapped tightly to help stabilize the area where you are experiencing the pain. The ​Serola Sacroiliac Hip Belt​, for example, is designed to compress and support the SI Joints and helps to relieve stress while providing stability. It is comfortable to wear and is designed for even the most active lifestyles, so there is no fear that it will move around.

There is also the ​GNR Backwonder Sacroiliac Low Back Support Belt​ that provides a little extra support and security and has a neoprene foundation strap with double side pull elastic cinch straps. The offset buckle can provide a tighter fit, and the cinch straps provide additional support.

Topical Analgesics

A topical analgesic can provide fast pain relief but is also a short-term remedy to provide a moment of reprieve from the pain you are suffering from. There are sprays, creams, and gels available that can target the particular area you need relief for that go on quickly, easily, and usually mess-free and penetrate deep to help sore muscles and joints.

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​Penetrex​ can provide immediate and long lasting relief that also heals. It is ideal for inflammation and has an intensive concentrate for relief and recovery. It is powerful enough to help improve your range of motion and flexibility and heals and repairs rather than just mask the pain.

With any pain treatment you undergo, it is best first to consult a medical professional to pinpoint the specific problem you are experiencing. There are many different causes of lower back pain, and you want to be sure that you are receiving the correct treatment.

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A physical, diagnostic test and a detailed patient medical history could be required to begin diagnosing and treating your pain. Stop suffering and learn how to manage and eliminate your pain safely and more efficiently.



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