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Back Pain Belt: The Five Best Belts For Back Pain

Back pain is often a nuisance caused by poor posture, an injury, or being overweight that we have to grin and bear. Sometimes, however, chronic back pain can be utterly hopeless when you always feel that you are in pain with no relief in sight.

Belts, when used as a support brace for pain relief, can help relieve the pain, provide lower back support, improve your posture, naturally heal your back, and can even keep the muscles flexible and warm. The back support you receive from a belt or flex belt not only helps your lower back but it can also help the mid and upper back too.

Pain relief from chronic back pain is the biggest motivator for using a belt for back pain. When you are in pain, it prevents you from doing normal activities such as walking, standing, sitting, bending, and driving. The pain makes you feel miserable on the inside and outside and can rob you of your physical and emotional health and well-being in the process.

Back pain.

When you use a belt for back pain, it is non-surgical treatment and is seldom seen by anyone which means it is your own secret weapon to battle your pain. Choosing the best belt requires a good look at the materials that were used in its construction and how much support will you receive.

There are reduced support options but they don’t provide the best support, yet they are more comfortable. Some materials can provide stiff support and are made of less stretchy fabrics and materials.

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is a treatment for back pain that uses low voltage electric currents to help reduce the pain. A TENS unit is operated with batteries and the device can be hooked to a belt and is connected to two electrodes.

The electrodes of a TENS unit deliver small electrical pulses to the body and are thought to affect the way that the pain signals are being sent to the brain. These pulses help prevent the pain signals from traveling up the spine and to the brain. They also help stimulate your body to create higher levels of endorphins, which is the body’s own natural painkiller.

1. AidBrace Back Brace Support Belt

aidbrace back brace support belt image

This back belt features a unique and removable cushioned lumbar pad for additional support and has breathable vented mesh backing and double-sided straps for tighter tension adjustment. It has a curved side design that provides the best possible comfort and applies less pressure in the abdominal area.




around $35

Width measures 8.7” for all sizes

Small: 26-31”

Large/X-Large: 37-47”

2XL/3XL: 48-58”

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2. Amazing Back Brace Belt

This back brace belt is a dual-functioning brace that provides both support and heat and can be worn over the shirt for lower lumbar and sciatic support. It can be worn directly on the skin for the benefits of heat for one to two hours. The heat is created by tourmaline and permanent magnetic technology that is infused into the brace.

This technology also helps to increase circulation and allows the heat to penetrate the muscles. It also helps to slim down the waist. When the heat is applied directly to the skin, it also releases infrared negative ions that bring micro thermal stimulated currents to the body. Women can also use it turned the other way to help ease menstrual and abdominal cramps.

amazing back brace belt image




around $37

Measure at belly button, not pant size

Small: 26-32”

Medium: 33-39”

Large: 40-45”

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3. Mueller Adjustable Back Brace With Removable Pad

mueller adjustable back brace with removable pad image

This back brace with removable lumbar pad cushions compresses the lower back to provide concentrated support. You receive extra stability from the stainless steel supports along the spine and the internal molded plastic component eliminates brace rolling and bunching.

It is a custom-fit design with dual, outer elastic tension straps. It also does well to promote good posture while relieving pain, stress, strain, and pressure on the back.




around $20 - around $75

New extended size for 50-70”

Plus: 28-50”

Regular: 28-50”

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4. Secure Double-Pull Neoprene Lumbar Support Belt

secure double-pull neoprene lumbar support belt image

This lumbar support belt has secure double-pull lumbar support along the spine that provides stability and relief for those that suffer from lower back pain. The back crossover and heavy-duty elasticized mechanism offers effective and easily adjustable compression.

The non-stretch fabric across the back panel of the support belt provides an added level of support while improving posture and keeping the lower back in an upright or extended position to reduce muscle strain. The belt remains flexible allowing the user to retain flexibility and mobility.




around $12

The belt is adjustable

Large: 34-38”

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5. ComfyMed Premium Quality Back Brace

comfymed premium quality back brace image

This premium quality back brace provides high-quality and durable back support and features a removable lumbar pad that does not scratch, roll, slip, or bunch. It also features easy-grip handles and can be worn anytime and anywhere for continuous back pain treatment and relief.

It provides strong support and superior comfort while remaining lightweight. The user can retain their mobility while being ensured that the belt will remain in place.




around $37

Available in unisex sizes

Regular: 26-37”

Large: 38-50”

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Back belts can be used for a variety of conditions including, but not limited to:

  • Sciatica
  • Herniated disc
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Nerve injuries
  • Loose ligaments
  • Muscle spasms
  • Strains and sprains

Along with providing back support and relief from pain associated with these conditions and much more, a back belt can help improve posture and some can provide therapeutic heat for tired and sore muscles. They are suitable to wear every day while being able to participate in all usual activities such as cleaning, exercising, golfing, and even heavy lifting.

Back pain can take its toll on an individual and cause undue stress and misery. A back belt is a natural way to help relieve the pain while cutting down on the over the counter medications that you have been taking to take the edge off. You retain the freedom of mobility and most can be adjusted so that you can find the perfect size.

All belts reviewed have received high marks from customers on Amazon and each has their own features that set them apart. When finding the correct size to order, be sure you measure from the belly button. The pant size does not determine the size of the belt or brace you will need.



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