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911 Relief Multipurpose Pain Relief Spray

It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling or if you’re just working around the house, your whole day can be ruined if you’re spending more time itching or feeling uncomfortable. Sure, there are some ointments, creams, and sprays available on the market that can help, but who has space in their medicine cabinet for all the different types of creams and ointments that claim to be anti-burn, anti-itch, and whatever other anti- you can think of?

Wouldn’t you want a single bottle of medication that can handle it all? The 911 Relief Multipurpose Pain Relief Spray can do just that, and it has been for 25 years now.

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911 Pain Relief Spray Top

The Texas company, Eagle Enterprises, has patented their product and it is used all over the country—in 1,300 school districts, 500 cities, 500 companies, as well as Government Agencies and (of course) in the home.

What Does It Do

The 911 Relief Multipurpose Pain Relief Spray can take care of pain or itching that is the result of some causes. Some of this include:

Pain Caused By :

Painful Bug-Bites :

Rashes :

Blisters From :


Fire Ants

Heat Rash

Poison Ivy



Jock Itch

Poison Oak



Fever Blisters

Poison Sumac



Chicken Pox

Bull Nettle

Radiation Therapy






When treating any of these ailments, you can spray the multipurpose spray directly on clothing and it will not stain, or you can spray it onto the skin. The product isn’t made with any harmful chemicals, it’s hypo-allergenic, and it’s biodegradable.

911 Pain Relief Spray Directions

You can use this product in good faith, knowing that the company has never tested their products on animals. In fact, the product can even be used on pets to ward off flies or fleas when they are outside playing.

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What Customers Say

When looking at the product reviews on Amazon for the spray, we were pleasantly surprised to see that there were absolutely no negative reviews! 100% of customers left either 4 or 5-star reviews! Of these reviews, customers say that they use the product for cuts, blisters, burns, itchiness, and even pain caused by rashes, sunburns, and other unpleasant sources.

Bottle of 911 Relief Pain Spray

One customer even says they use the spray on their dog, who has a tendency to scratch, causing a hot spot near its tail. They report that their beloved dog doesn’t scratch the spot anymore.


If your family is out and about, you’re going to run into things that are going to cause you discomfort, be it in the form of bug bites, sunburn, a scrape or cut, or even coming in contact with a poisonous plant. Instead of carrying around bottles of ointments, creams, and sprays, you could choose one product that can remedy them all.

911 Pain Relief Spray on White Background

This would be that spray. Customers who have purchased the product all agree—the 911 Relief Multipurpose Pain Relief Spray is as great as you would expect. If you have to keep multiple bottles of anything, why not multiple back-ups of this?

Our Rating

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